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Video Game of the Quarter

By Isabel Taylor '24

This quarter we sent out a survey to the whole school to vote for the most popular video game currently, and to highlight the platforms we play our games on.

Most Popular Platforms

Question 1 was: “Which platform do you use?” They had three popular choices to choose from: Console, Mobile, and PC/Computer. In this survey, mobile won by more than 70% compared to the second most popular console which was chosen by more than 40% of participants.

Cross-Platform Games

90% of the students who responded play cross-platform games. Cross-platform games are games that can be used on most devices. One of the most popular cross-platform games is Genshin Impact, a popular gacha game. Another popular game is Minecraft, which is a survival game where the whole world is made of blocks. Another commonly played game is Roblox. Roblox is a combination of games made by many people--a game and platform all in one.

Mobile Games

There were many games that overlapped between cross-platform games and mobile games, like Genshin Impact and Roblox. Overall, many students enjoy Subway Surfers and COD Mobile. Subway Surfers is a single-player mobile game where you try to outrun a train and an inspector. COD Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game which is easy to access compared to the Xbox version.

PC Games

PC games also had much overlap with cross-platform games, including Minecraft. One of the most popular PC games was Valorant. Valorant is a first-person, team-based, shooter game. Another popular one was Sims 4, a social simulation game.

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