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Meet the Teacher: Ms. Melone

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Transcribed by Ashley Rostran '24

Interviewer: Ashley Salazar '24

Transcript for Meet the New Teachers Series: Ms. Melone

Ashley Salazar: Hi everybody, today we are joined

with Ms. Melone for the Meet the New Teachers series.

Who is our ninth grade religion teacher at ICA Cristo

Rey. The first question is, what subject do you teach

and why?

Ms. Melone: I teach religion because I love talking about Jesus. Also because I think it’s important for

students that come in to this school to be fluent in the

language of Christianity and Catholicism so that they

don’t feel alienated.

Ashley Salazar: Why did you choose ICA Cristo Rey?

Ms. Melone: It’s in my neighborhood, I live here in the

Mission. Also, it has a great mission for how to serve

students and who they serve. And I teach religion so

when they offered me the job, I jumped at it.

Ashley Salazar: Nice! If being a teacher wasn’t your

profession what other job would you pursue?

Ms. Melone: Other than teaching I also worked in

non-profit administration, working for churches and non-profit organizations.

Ashley Salazar: How long have you been teaching for?

Ms. Melone: 40 years, this year!

Ashley Salazar: Wow! So you have been doing this for a very long time.

Ms. Melone: Off and on, I took some time off to have a family, but I started 40 years ago.

Ashley Salazar: Okay, onto our more fun question, What is your Harry Potter House, and what trait from your house do you most relate to?

Ms. Melone: I usually test as a Gryffindor and that's probably because I tend to jump in, when I should probably keep my mouth shut.

Ashley Salazar: Our very last question is which teacher at ICA Cristo Rey do you look up to the most?

Ms. Melone: Oh, that's tough, there's so many great teachers here. So many to choose from! I’d have to say Ms. Kirk because we’re in her classroom. I don’t have to say that, but I could say that. She has actually been very helpful to the new teachers. Sort of mentoring all of us into the way ICA Cristo Rey does things and has been very helpful, so I look up to her.

Ashley Salazar: Aww, that's a super sweet answer! Alright, so that concludes our segment for Meet the New Teachers series with Ms. Melone and it was super nice meeting you Ms. Melone. Thank You!

Ms. Melone: Thank you!


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