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All Of Us Are Dead

By: Jaydy Calderon '25

Source: Netflix Korea

AOUAD is a Netflix original webtoon-based, Korean drama series that has reached the top 10 today in the U.S. on Netflix. This series takes place in Hyosan High School, where a disease mysteriously starts to spread. We follow our main characters Cheong-san (Chan Young Yoon), Su-Hyeok (Park Solomon), On-Jo (Park Ji-hoo), and Nam-Ra (Cho Yi-Hyun) as they try to survive this disaster.

Slowly people start to come in contact with this disease and symptoms of this disease start to become known to the survivors. They meet with other survivors and try to find a way out of the school. We don’t recommend this show to people who can't handle any type of graphic violence. We recommend it to people who handle stuff like graphic violence and gore well and enjoy a survival-type series with plot twists in it.


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