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Top New Movies and Shows

By Stephanie Martinez '24

Many shows have been released or will soon be out. People have already formed opinions of new shows. The release date of several series have fans anticipating for what is to come. Some of which have fans scrambling to rewatch the previous seasons to get caught up in the details. Here are the reviews fans,or nonfans, have been feeling about new shows.

TV Shows:

On My Block

The fourth and final season for On My Block was released on October 4, 2021. This season has brought back fun, drama, and tears. We know how much the fans missed Jamal’s ridiculous-yet-funny jokes, Spooky coming back sexier than ever, and Jasmine keeping it real with her friends in a chaotically satisfying way.

The fourth season gives us new and old relationships, character development, new characters, competition, deaths, and overall, despite how the group departed from each other for two years, rekindled relationships and friendship. Even though this is the last season, Netflix is making a spin-off of On My Block called Freeridge, so be sure to watch On My Block before Freeridge comes out!

Squid Game

Squid Game was released on September 17th this year. It is a horror show that premiered on Netflix and quickly became the platform’s most-viewed show ever. Though advertised as horror, don’t expect a lot of jumpscares and spooky moments. The creators of Squid Game explored the hidden horrors of society.

The players in the show are tricked into a deadly tournament of children's games, playing to win a massive piggy bank filled with billions of Korean won (money).You'll see clips that are similar to Hunger Games, Jigsaw, and Escape Room. There have been many TikTok theories about Squid Game, and fans have created games and Halloween costumes inspired by the show. A followup season for Squid Game is not yet confirmed, but it’s no doubt the show has gotten a lot of attention.

Greys Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is continuing with their medical series and has just released their first episode of season 18 this September 30th. In this season, Kate Walsh has returned as her character, Addison Montgomery. Additionally, Megan Hunt is played by Abigail Spencer and Scott Speedman plays Dr. Nick Marsh. Characters from season 17 will return so don't be sad if you were a fan of them! It brings back old patients and doctors, continuing those relationships with both problems and happiness, a sick doctor, and many more exciting things. So be ready for Grey's Anatomy season 18, it's going to be a wild ride!

Gossip Girl

Although many fans wish that there was a continuation of the original Gossip Girl, there is now a reboot of the show. Nine years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York’s private school elite teens are introduced to the new updated Gossip Girl, but on social media. The Gossip Girl reboot was released on July 8, 2021, and the first season is split in two halves, with the second part coming out this November. So if you don't want to miss the reboot, make sure to watch the first half of season one before the second half comes out!


You know you missed her.

Stranger Things

Even though fans have been waiting for three years, season four of Stranger Things is yet to be released. On February 14 of last year, Netflix shared a teaser letting fans know that there will be a fourth season. The supposed release date is sometime next year. Netflix has shown teasers bit by bit, but fans are still waiting for the official trailer. Let's just hope it's soon! All we know from the teasers is that Hopper is alive but in Russia, Eleven has flashbacks from her time in the lab, and new characters play a family that lived in the Creel House. The actors have been giving peeks into the show on their social media. Finn Wolfhard said it's “the darkest season that's ever been,” and Gaten Matarazzo also said “scariest season.” The series' teasers and actors' reviews sure have got the fans eagerly waiting--guess that means that we should be buckled up for when the show is released.


Chucky is coming back so better watch your back, and he is staying in town longer than before. The show will be released this October 12th of this year.

Make sure to watch out for all of these new interesting shows and add to your list to watch!


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