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Student Opinions on Virtual Learning

By Mariah Esquivel '21

(Photo: Times of India)

In the fall of 2020, ICA went virtual for the first full semester. Learning on Zoom was a new experience that was challenging for some students at the beginning, but after adjusting, most students began to see the positives of online learning. But some of the downsides students have reported were missing being with their friends physically and spending too much time on their electronic devices. Here are what some of the students from each class had to say about virtual learning:

What were your opinions on virtual learning in Semester 1? Was there anything you liked more than being in person or things you disliked?

“For me, virtual learning last semester was okay. Sometimes I would have no motivation to do school work. I would still complete my assignments, but most times I would leave it until the last minute.” - Giana Cordova `21

“I am glad that the ICA staff and teachers have put in the effort to make sure we succeed during this difficult time but like other students, I wish everything was normal. Virtual learning the last semester took some adjusting, but because we were at home I enjoyed spending time with my family during the holiday season!”- Astrid Lozada `22

“My opinion of virtual learning in semester one was that it went well. If honors were quarterly I would have gotten honors. So it went pretty well.”- Delisa Aguilar `23

“In Semester 1, I was still getting used to the hang of things. I was okay in the beginning, but as time passed, I started to grow a dislike to it.”- Alycia Azucena `24

What are you hoping for as we go into Semester 2?

“I hope that we could at least be able to go back in person for our graduation.” - Giana Cordova `21

“I am hoping to continue the year strong academically, physically, and emotionally (this goes for everyone)! Also, I hope my screen time lowers and that maybe we will have a couple more surprise days off or end the school year a bit early!”- Astrid Lozada `22

“I am hoping for this pandemic to end by the end of Semester 2. I also want to get honors this semester. I am especially excited for the semester to be over so that summer is here and all I want to do is sleep and play.”- Delisa Aguilar `23

“In Semester 2, I am hoping for a smoother time in school that’s both fun and exciting.”- Alycia Azucena `24

Was there anything you liked more than being in-person, or things you disliked?

“I liked our new class schedule and how we started at 9am instead of 8am. I also liked that instead of six classes we have three classes a day.”- Giana Cordova `21

“Every day my screen time kept getting higher, which got really draining, but the later start time allowed me to sleep in a bit more!”- Astrid Lozada `22

“I like a lot about virtual learning. I feel like I can get more work done. But I dislike that there is no interaction in the class or at least hands-on type thing. Like for example, CWSP... It wasn’t bad last year, but now it’s difficult to do much work in so little time when we have other classes to worry about.”- Delisa Aguilar `23

“The reason I disliked it was because the computer, and long hours of staring at the screen, gave me horrible headaches. Luckily one day I decided to email Dr. Fornero to shorten the schedule and surprisingly he replied, accepting my suggestion.”- Alycia Azucena `24

Is there something you miss/wish you got the chance to do if we were physically in school?

“The main thing that I miss about in-person school is seeing my friends. I miss being able to spend time with them during break and lunch.”- Giana Cordova `21

“This was the year our class would have had their first prom, which is something I was looking forward to enjoying with my friends. And to add to that, I miss spending time laughing with my friends at school and going to work!”- Astrid Lozada `22

“I miss my friends from school. Now I’m just stuck with my siblings at home... I wish I could have experienced bio and history this year. Those classes seem like they would be the most fun this year.”- Delisa Aguilar `23

“Since it’s my first year—I would’ve loved to experience the events and activities ICA held in person.”- Alycia Azucena `24


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