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Song of the Quarter

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

By Evan Mallari '21

This quarter’s top song, according to

the student body, is: “Adore You” by Harry Styles

Here are some of the reasons why!

“This makes me feel happy and [feel like] I'm falling in love.”

“Because Harry Styles is King of non-toxic masculinity and he deserves all the hype. Also it's a really good song.”

“I chose this song because I love Harry Styles and this song is so good.”

“I love his new album Fine Line. I'm always playing it on repeat.”

This quarter’s second top song, according to

the student body, is: “The Box” by Roddy Rich.

Here’s why!

“Because TikTok eeee eerrrr.”

“Because it went viral on TikTok.”

“Because ‘The Box’ hit #1 and Roddy Rich is my husband.”

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