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Spring Events

Updated: May 23, 2019


By Alexzandra Galang ’20 and Kimberly Hernandez ’20

This year’s ICA Cristo Rey prom was held at El Patio Español in San Francisco. This year’s theme was “Masquerade Ball.” Some guests went all-out with their first prom experience, while some were more subtle with their look. Some juniors did not attend, but we’re looking forward to seeing them there next year as seniors. Those who did attend were not disappointed. “Overall it was actually pretty fun. I enjoyed three hours of dancing the night away with my friends,” said Michelle Bartolo ’20.

The environment was a balance of classy and thrilling. While dinner was served, the vibe was mellow and pleasant; things elevated when popular songs came on the speakers and people started pouring onto the dance floor.

Julie Cabrera ’20 said, “Getting lit was my favorite part!” Jade Martinez ’20 told us, “The food and the process of prom was my favorite part!”

When asked for advice for next year’s promgoers, Alyssa Rivera ’20 said, “I recommend to my Spar- tan Sisters to bring an extra pair of shoes to wear at prom because, you’re able to have fun dancing without being in pain the whole night!”

Rumor has it that prom was the best night of the school year!

Junior Senior Farewell

By Enham Baqain ’20 and Ann Cosico ’20

This issue went to press before the event, so we spoke with the organizers about their plans.

The Junior Senior Farewell has been a tradition at ICA for decades. Presented by the juniors, it is a commemorative send-off party for the seniors as they go on to college.

As Pamela Cabotaje, a member of the entertainment committee, said, “We want to give them happy moments to look back on.” Performances can take hours of practice and effort. Students and faculty/ staff perform acts including dancing, singing, musical instruments, and even skits. There is also a decoration committee for this event.

As perfectly said by a member of the decoration committee, Michelle Bartolo, “We want them to feel great vibes from their surroundings and use up that energy to have a fun time throughout.”

The Class of 2020 are thankful for all the Class of 2019 has done, so they hope the Junior Senior Farewell truly shows their appreciation.

Blue and White Ceremony

By Julienne Cancio ’21 and Jessica Ferrer ’21

At the beginning of this year’s Blue and White Assembly, Ms. Rangel introduced each member of this year’s Corporate Leadership Intern Program (CLIP) as they walked down the middle of the auditorium, each holding a rose.

Ms. Manchester then introduced this year’s BLOCK Society members. After introductions, Ms. Rangel welcomed Pamela Cabotaje and Bench Aquino, this year’s CLIP Co-Presidents, to deliver a speech.

Baccalaureate and Graduation

This year’s Baccalaureate Mass will be on Thursday, May 30 at 7pm at St. James Church on Guerrero St.

The Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony will be on Friday, May 31 at 7pm at St. Ignatius Church.

The Commencement Speaker will be Dr. Katherine Conde ’09.

Participants in this year's Blue and White Ceremony

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