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Frosh Questions Answered

By Mariah Esquivel '21

Our new frosh had some questions for their fellow Spartan Sisters! We spoke to students from other grades to get answers. They were as follows:

How do I manage my social and school life? - Christine Beltran `23

“I manage my time and balance everything out. I organize what I have to do class by class and do my priorities first, and have my free time at the end.” - Ana Garcia `22

Don’t procrastinate as much, and if you have a social life, get your homework done first. Study on time and do all the things that you can, so then you can have time to enjoy life and live to the fullest. But don’t procrastinate because if you do, you won’t get anywhere and you’ll be doing things at the last minute. You should also have time for yourself, settle in, take a bath and have some ‘me time.’ But also remember to enjoy your weekends, you know.”- Xiomara Raza `21

“I manage my social and school life by having time-management skills and self-discipline. I use my time-management skills to plan out weekly priorities, homework, and extracurricular activities on my planner so I don't forget anything or lose track of time. And I use self-discipline by having planned times and places where I study and do homework while my phone is turned off completely. This saves me from distractions and shows that I can stay focused during long periods of time without my phone.” - Christina Green `20

How do I deal with drama? - Alejandra Villanueva `23

[If I had drama] I would talk to them. Don’t talk about anybody, like that’s pointless. Like spreading rumors is so dumb it can just get you into trouble.”- Angelica Buncio `22

“I don’t really have drama. I just like to stick with the people that I hang out with... and they are really all I need. But if I were to get into some drama I would learn how to deal with it, and confront the situation. Don’t ever [have] arguments or don’t ever argue over text. Always talk in person if there’s an issue that needs to be solved. Period.” - Isabella Rivera Gonzalez `21

“When people argue I try not to engage in the argument… I basically avoid it. Like if I heard a rumor I wouldn't tell someone else.” [Christina Green: “So you wouldn’t contribute to negative gossip and rumors?”] “No, I would not.”- Ann Cosico `20

How do I deal with stress?- Isabella Gutierrez `23

“What I usually do is I take a hot shower and think about what I can do. I can go make food or I can do my homework, like do I want to put more stress on myself or do I want to do something else? Then when I think about it I start releasing stress. But normally when I stress I talk to people, like I talk to my mom and tell her how I’m feeling, or I talk to my friends.”- Amelia Alvarado `21

“I mean it depends on which class because if I get stressed over a certain class I would go and ask the teacher for help or I would ask you [Mariah Esquivel] for help because you’re smart.” - Stephanie Rojas `21

“I take a three-hour nap.”- Rosisela Gonzalez `20


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