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Entertainment of the Quarter

By Mariah Esquivel '21

(A scene from To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Photo: Vox)

This quarter we sent out a survey for the student body to vote for their favorite songs and their favorite movie from the To All the Boys trilogy!

"Drivers License" vs. "Lie Lie Lie" vs. "Skin"

One of those questions was which song students favored from the love-triangle battle between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter. If you’re not familiar with pop-culture drama, Olivia came out with a song called “Drivers License” in early January, allegedly about her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Bassett, who is also her co-star and love interest on the Disney+ original High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Shortly after their break up in early 2020, people speculated that Joshua was seeing Disney star Sabrina Carpenter after they were spotted together. Fast forward to now: in “Drivers License” Olivia wrote a couple of lyrics about her ex-boyfriend with an older blonde girl (Sabrina is blonde and four years older) whom he is spending his time with now. A week later Joshua coincidentally dropped his single called “Lie Lie Lie,” and the title says it all. That following week Sabrina’s song “Skin” was released and has some lyrics that correlate with those in “Drivers License.” So far none of the artists have shut down the rumors or directly said what the songs were truly about; could this have been all a PR stunt, or was it real? Either way, it made for good drama and songs!

The students chose which song they preferred between the love triangle battle, and the winner is, by a landslide, “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo.

Here are some of the reasons why:

“Olivia, because Ms. Girl had a whole heartbreak that made everyone else have a whole heartbreak. Even if they weren’t in a relationship, it still hurt. It was from the heart. Joshua and Sabrina were just there like... IT DOESN'T compare.”

“The bridge gave me chills. It was iconic, and very well-written and produced.”

“Because she’s just amazing, the next Taylor Swift really, and everything from the lyrics to the beat and the rhythm is perfect.”

“Olivia is a queen, period.”

“Because she's a baddie and she did not deserve to get her heart broken and get led on.”

“'Drivers License' is just a bop, like it's been on repeat since it came out.”

Best Song of the Quarter

This quarter's top song voted by ICA students is “Good Days” by Sza.

To All The Boys Trilogy

Lastly, students voted for their favorite movie from the To All the Boys trilogy, and the first movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, won!

Here are what some students had to say about it:

“The first movie was directed in a more organized way, compared to the others, that made sense and it was a cliched good-feel movie, which is comforting.”

“Because the director was a woman and Noah Centineo wasn't a creep.”

“Honestly, it’s the closest one to the book and the acting is more believable than the other two. The aesthetic of the first movie is also more pleasing since they switched directors on the other two movies.”

“It’s way more interesting and better than the other ones.”


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