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Basketball and Soccer Senior Nights

By Angelica Buncio '22 and Leah Martinez '22

Come support your fellow senior basketball and soccer players at Senior Night! Senior Night for basketball will be on Tuesday, February 18 [time TBD] and Senior Night for soccer will be on ….

Cheer on senior basketball players Jade Martinez, Isabella Lima, and Bernadette Michel, as well as senior soccer players Daisy Zapet, Cindy Herrera, Jasmin Tejeda, and Tiffany Gonzales. We talked to some of these seniors, who shared more about themselves.

What are you looking forward to on Senior Night?

“Getting to play with my team and having fun.” -Jasmin Tejeda

“Playing with my team for the last time and hopefully winning the game.” -Cindy Herrera

What is your proudest moment as a student athlete?

“Knowing that I can play a sport as well as maintaining my grades at the same time.” -Cindy Herrera

“My proudest moment is probably making my first three in a game during freshman year.” -Jade Martinez

Who is your athletic role model?

“To be honest it’s Jadyn Padrones [‘17]. She was a senior player when I was a freshman. She shows leadership and is very talented on the court.” -Jade Martinez

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

“I’d live in Burlingame because it’s not too hot or cold and the area is nice.” -Jade Martinez

“Mexico: most of my family is there and it’s hard to stay separated from them. I feel that everyone would be happy together.”- Jasmine Tejeda

Who’s your celebrity crush and why?

“ My celebrity crush is Kristen Stewart. She is so hot and I love her acting skills especially in Charlie’s Angels.” - Jade Martinez

“Lunay: he is a young and successful artist.”-Jasmin Tejeda

What is one thing on your bucket list?

“One thing on my bucket list is to graduate and get accepted to the college I want to attend.” -Tiffany Gonzales

“To travel the world.” -Jasmin Tejeda


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