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Met Gala 2022, Our Favorite Night in Fashion

By Luciana Collado '25

Image Source: Sinna Nasseri, Vogue

What is the Met Gala?

It is that time again for what is known as “fashion's biggest night out." The Met Gala is an annual charity event hosted by Anna Wintour, Vogue's current Editor-In-Chief. All the revenue raised, which is generally millions of dollars, goes towards the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's costume department. This year's Gala took place on May 2nd.

While the event raises money for the New York Met, it also showcases avant-garde designs following themes and dress codes (sometimes). We have the opportunity to see designers express themselves through their muses and our favorite celebrities. Designers and celebrities usually work closely together to bring these bold looks to life, staying true to those wearing them. For example, Lil Nas X is very bold and always pushing boundaries, and his looks reflect that. Met Gala looks are meant to do so. Push boundaries, send a message, and express oneself.

Who’s Hosting This?

Each year a few celebrities are picked to help Anna Wintour and honorary co-chairs with the Met Gala. In the past, big celebrities like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Oscar De La Renta, and Sarah Jessica Parker have been co-chairs of the Met Gala. Their responsibilities include guest lists, food, and decorations. While the co-chairs help with these tasks, they work alongside the honorary co-chairs Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, and Adam Mosseri. This year's Met Gala was hosted by Regina King, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Blake Lively, and Ryan Renolds along with the honorary co-chairs.

Walking the Carpet

The red carpet at the Met Gala is truly a unique place to be. Hundreds of photographers gather at the edge of the carpet trying to get the perfect shot of incredible designs. The carpet is also home to performances from attendees. In 2019, we were graced with Lady Gaga’s 4-part performance in her outfit as she made her way up the steps. This year, Lizzo walked the carpet and surprised us by playing her flute as she was photographed in her stellar outfit designed by Thom Browne.

Theme and Dress Code

The Met Gala will be continuing last year's theme, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, but with a twist. This year it will be In America, An Anthology of Fashion. These past themes have served to reflect the history of fashion in America. According to Andrew Bolton, the Met Gala theme curator, "The stories really reflect the evolution of American style, but they also explore the work of individual tailors, dress-makers, and designers.” (Escalante, 2022) Bolton also explained that the Gala helps exhibit the work and talents of those within the fashion industry who have been overlooked and forgotten, something he is particularly excited about.

The guests are expected to follow a specific dress code, which this year is gilded glamor and white tie! The gilded age is defined by its name. Gilded means covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint. The time was portrayed as beautiful but it wasn't all that pretty. It was a time during which the growth of New York was skyrocketing. Big buildings, rising wages, inventions like the light bulb, and opportunities for everyone came to the scene. A lot of immigrants were coming to the U.S and especially in New York, the population growth was unexpected and unprepared for. Those who came to this country or were already here and weren't rich faced many challenges. People in the working class had little to no medical attention, lighting, or even heating. Many people, unfortunately, ended up dying because of the neglect of the lower class. While the gilded age wasn't perfect, the fashion during this time was truly memorable.

Fashion during the gilded era focused on big skirts for women with rich colors. Fabrics like lace, silk, and velvet were always embedded into the clothing. The silhouettes of the gowns had cinched waists with corsets, and wide skirts to emphasize the hips. The men in this era would focus on wearing long coats with tails. They would also wear top hats and tuxedos.

Best and Worst Dressed

This year’s Met Gala was a surprise since little to no guests attended within the dress code, but nonetheless served looks. Even a reporter from Telemundo, Génesis Suero, dressed better. Which is ironic seeing someone who wasn't an actual guest to dress so well. Some of the best-dressed looks (on theme) include Bad Bunny in Burberry, Emma Chamberlain in Louis Vuitton and Cartier, and Blake Lively in Versace. Their outfits truly showed what the gilded age was. The tan colors and puffy sleeves from Bad Bunny and Emma Chamberlain. Blake Lively was a real-life model for New York representing the Statue of Liberty in her gown and tiara. More of the appropriately and well-dressed attendees included Adut Akech in Christian Lacroix, Cardi B in Versace, Anitta in Moschino, Palona Elsesser in Coach, and Laura Harrier in H&M. Their looks truly put the glamor in gilded glamor. Their gowns were dripped in gold and metals that glistened on the carpet. Specifically, Cardi B’s Versace gown was dripping in gold metals from head to toe. A lot of looks were gorgeous on the Met Steps and deserve recognition. Hailey Bieber in an elegant white satin Saint Laurent gown, Khloé Kardashian in Moschino, Shalom Harlow in Ralph Lauren, Taylor Hill in Dolce and Gabbana, Madeleine Petsch in Moschino, and so many more. With so many amazing looks, bad ones are bound to happen. The worst dressed list, in my opinion, includes every man who wore a plain black suit, the highlighter colored looks, and every alien-styled outfit. These outfits are overdone and boring to see at an event that is supposed to showcase great outfits. Surprisingly a lot of people showed up with these outfits and with a dress code so easy to accomplish it was disappointing to see.


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