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A Christmas Reminder

By Allison Vasquez '24

Christmas! The time of the year where people just go crazy with deco- rations, food, presents, pictures, and much more. Whatever you do, don’t stress about Christmas. I know it’s a big deal, but that does not mean you need to have a total meltdown over everything. If you do, please check in on yourself, with teachers, student counselors before Christmas break, or even tell your friends that you are having anxiety about this whole Christmas situation. Okay! Now back to business. Christmas is a big deal for most of us because it’s that time of the year where we get to see loved ones and friends, and be a grinch or the light of the party... either one. It’s also the time of the year when people go crazy with Christmas lists and ask people what they like or don’t without being “suspicious,” but what we mostly forget about is what Christmas really means. I feel like people are only worried about what to give to others, and those who you don’t like, especially family members who we dislike... because I’ve seen this a lot in my family: how they have to spend the holidays with them and be fake-nice to them because they are family and you don’t see them any other time.

Christmas should be viewed more like a holiday where you have to let go of things, not care about the gifts or who has the best decorations. I think that we have lost the main idea of what Christmas actually means. Now, if you are a grinch like I am, you get irritated seeing people giving gifts to one another as if that were the most important part of Christmas night. Why? I think it’s obvious: we forget to treasure those moments where every single member of the family comes together. I know that I miss those times where my whole family used to reunite together. I know that I would give up anything to go back to those moments, because that is what Christmas means to me. Laughter. Joy. Love. Family. And Quality Time. Not gifts. So, I want to close with a reminder to have a great time with family, friends, or whomever... to enjoy this break from school, and not to have anxiety or regrets, and to rest. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


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