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2010s Rewind - ICA Cristo Rey Edition


In 2010, the first year of the decade, ICA became part of the Cristo Rey Network and adopted the Corporate Study Work Program (CWSP). This program helped do many things for ICA--it lowered student tuition and offered students an opportunity to experience jobs in the corporate world. However, finding companies at the time was a little more complicated due to the recession that had taken place in 2008. Fortunately, the program worked out and we continue to have it in our school today. 2010 and 2011 were also the years of Angry Birds, Glee, silly bandz, mustache accessories, and the weird obsession with vampires, which most likely stemmed from Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Additionally, 2010 was also the year when One Direction was first formed into a boy group in the show X Factor.


Did you know that the training for CWSP that occurs a few weeks before school starts in the Fall used to be called “Camp Rey?” In 2012, ICA changed the program’s name to MAPS (Motivation, Attitude, and Professional Skills). In 2012, the Giants won the World Series for the second time in the 2010s. (The first time was in 2010.) This was also the year that put an end to Wizards of Waverly Place and iCarly, which are two TV series that have shaped the current generation of ICA students, and when President Obama was re-elected as president.


In 2013, there was a huge hype over Hunger Games. It was also the year that aired the last episodes of Victorious and Big Time Rush. In 2014 the Giants won the World Series for the third time in the 2010s. Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani activist for female education, won the Nobel Peace Prize. You may also recall the Ice Bucket Challenge that went around social media, where someone would pour freezing cold water over them in order to promote awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage people to donate to the ALS Association. There was also the big Rainbow Loom trend that allowed many children to create bracelets from small-sized rubber bands and a plastic loom tool. The Malaysia Airline Flight 370, with a total of 227 passengers, went missing on March 8, 2014, and is still considered missing today.


Before 2015, ICA students were only allowed to wear black Payless shoes and/or black flats. However, during this year, a new shoe policy allowed students to instead black Vans if they wished. Ariel Guevarra ’17 said:“If you were there when we had ‘em you would hate it, it was these black Payless shoes... PAYLESS! I got blisters trying to break into them.”

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship this year. Additionally, 2015 was also the year of the Miss Universe mix-up, where Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, as Miss Universe, only to realize he had made a mistake on live television. The actual winner of Miss Universe that year was Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. 2015 was also the year when Zayn left One Direction and the group decided to take a “break.” You also probably remember the question that went around the Internet asking if a dress was black-and-blue or white-and-gold.


Barack Obama’s tenure as President came to an end with his eighth year in 2016 and the next year began with Donald Trump as President. Unfortunately, this was also the last year of the Vine app, which is an app that allowed creators to make random six-second videos. The Hamilton musical was also a pretty big thing that year, in addition to the large amount of ‘RIP Harambe’ and ‘Damn Daniel’ memes, and the crazy clown scare. A lot of people were scared to go trick-or-treating that year in fear that they would run into a clown. You may also recall the running man and mannequin challenge that went around the Internet later that year. A lot of people found entertainment in Kendama tricks and often went out with their friends to go Pokemon hunting, using the Pokemon Go app.


The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship for the second time this decade in 2017. This year was also the year when the #MeToo movement went viral across social media. That movement gave people who have experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault, including well-known celebrities, the courage to speak up about their experience and receive support from millions of people on social media. It changed the lives of many women and men. This was also the year that fidget spinners became a popular item. There was also a silly trend that went around this year where girls would try to make their lips as plump as possible in the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. On social media, 2017 brought to us the ability to have expiring content, such as the story tool on Instagram, and face filters on Snapchat.


Before the fall of 2018, ICA’s principal was Ms. Graham. When students came back to school after summer, they were met with their new principal—Dr. Fornero. “It’s a hard. It’s a lot of work but I like it very much. The girls keep me grounded… I like being in the classroom, in the cafeteria. I just like being with the students.” Dr Fornero says. This was a huge change for the school, the students, and Dr. Fornero. In 2018, ICA changed its shoe policy again and allowed the uniform to include any all-black and low-top shoes. This gave students a wider range of shoes to choose from. Before 2018, students were also required to be at school by 7:30am every Monday and Friday for morning meeting. This year, morning meeting was moved around so that students wouldn’t have to arrive at school earlier than normal unless they worked. The Golden State Warriors won their third NBA Championship of the decade this year. 2018 was also the year that started off with the crazy Tide Pod obsession, due to their looking tasty. Many people were also very suspicious that they had their very own FBI agent watching them through their cameras. You may also recall the huge hype about Fortnite, the yodeling kid from Walmart, the question of whether the audio going around the Internet said ‘yanny’ or ‘laurel’, and the video of someone doing surgery on a grape.


In 2019, ICA got rid of the homeroom period that used to occur before the students’ first break. Instead, now students either meet together with the entire school or with everyone in their grade for important announcements before their first break. In addition to no more homeroom, on Friday, students now start class at 9am rather than 8am--unless that class is working on that Friday. ICA also had its most successful dance in a long time in the Junior Ring Dance. Mr. Callaghan said: “The Mission Nights Dance was so successful because of all the time and effort that the Junior Class officers and the dance committee put in to the event, especially to find the DJ and negotiate the more relaxed dress code. It was great to see students from so many different friend groups come together to plan the night and advertise the dance to their friends.”

2019 was the year when the TikTok app took over many teens’ spare time. The Jonas Brothers also surprised many people by bringing their band back together, making music, and going on tour. In the beginning of the year, a picture of an egg shocked a lot of Instagram users by accomplishing the goal of receiving more likes than Kylie Jenner.

After taking a look back at the last ten years, we are even more excited to see what the 2020s have in store for us and for ICA!

Members of the Class of 2013 (first class to complete four years of CWSP) en route to their Baccalaureate Mass


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