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Updated: Mar 12

Design Team:

Julienne Cancio '21: Hi! My name is Julienne, and I'm a staff writer and am a part of the design team for Spartan Press. One of the articles I help write every year is "Meet the New Teachers." I joined the club because I love writing & designing. Some of my interests outside of Spartan Press are reading & watching TV. I hope you all enjoy the content on our page! :)

Jackeline Sierra '21: Hi! My name is Jackie and I’m a staff writer and a part of the design team for the Spartan Press. I joined the Spartan Press because I’m really passionate about writing, and hope to pursue journalism in the future. I hope you enjoy the content as much as we enjoy writing it! :)

Veronica Leon '24: Hello! My name is Veronica and I am one of the staff writers and I am part of the design team for the Spartan Press. I joined the Spartan Press because I wanted to try something new and becoming a writer for the Spartan Press was just that. I hope everyone enjoys the content! Happy Reading :)


Leah Martinez '22: Hello! I am a writer and an Associate Editor for the Spartan Press. I joined the Spartan Press because I love the process of writing. Being a part of the Spartan Press has been a fun and exciting experience. I hope you enjoy our work and continue to visit our page!

Kathleen Zapata '24: Hello everyone! My name is Kathleen, and I am currently part of class of 2024. I am an Associate Editor for the Spartan Press. I write pieces mainly concerning the current events of the world. Writing is something I am passionate about ever since I was young, and I hope to share it with all of you through the Spartan Press. :D

Brenda Martinez '21: Hello! I am the Student Life Editor for the Spartan Press. I work with several of the writers to find stories about school events that we believe are of interest to our fellow Spartans. I also work with the other editors to help finalize the content for the newspaper. I hope you enjoy our articles!

Katie Quach '21: Hello! I’m the Chief of Communications for the Spartan Press. I work closely with the Editor in Chief, moderators, and editorial staff to make sure everything runs smoothly! Due to Covid-19, our publishing base has transitioned online and I hope you enjoy the content!

Daniella Arevalo '21: Hi! I’m the Editor in Chief of the Spartan Press. Katie and I founded this club during our sophomore year, with the hopes of contributing something to the ICA community. Besides being the Editor in Chief, I also oversee our club’s News department. I love doing what I do because I’ve always had an interest in writing and current events. I hope you enjoy your stay on our blog!

Club Moderators:

Mr. Wetzel: Hi, I’m Mr. Wetzel and I teach English at ICA Cristo Rey. I was thrilled two years ago when a couple of creative and enterprising students came to me with the idea of revitalizing student journalism at ICA. We are excited to bring you new online content this year to keep you informed and entertained!

Ms. Taylor: Hello! I’m Ms. Taylor and I teach Social Studies at ICA. Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved newspapers and had a dream of being a journalist. I love my job as a teacher now but I also love being able to realize a part of my childhood dream through this amazing team of student journalists at the Spartan Press!


Mariah Esquivel '21: Hey, my name is Mariah I’m a staff writer for the Spartan Press and part of the class of 2021! I joined the Spartan Press because I wanted to become a better writer and like to get people’s opinions on different topics. Some of my other hobbies include upcycling/sewing and reading. Thanks for checking out the content on our page!

Alisson Vasquez '24: Hi! Am Alisson Vasquez, I’m a student at ICA who is a staff writer nothing less nothing more. I joined the Spartan Press because I have this thing for writing stories and sometimes not following the rules of writing, meaning I’m not so great at writing essays and want to improve my writing too. Not only that I always read, write, tend to have opions, and creativiness. I hope that one day I can write books as my backup of dreaming to be a Surgeon. Enjoy traveling, exploring new things, spending time with with loved ones, and don’t like taking pictures.

Leila Laserna '24: Hey there! I’m Leila An and I’m a staff writer that mainly focuses on writing student life content for the Spartan Press. I’ve always been interested in writing and joining this club gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into the writing world. Aside from writing, I’m an avid reader, a Taylor Swift fan, and I’m a sucker for a good cheesecake. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again in one of my articles published here on the Spartan Press website!

Julienne Cancio '21

Janelle Marie Chua '21

Jasmine DeVera '21

Catherine Diaz Ramirez '21

Roselyn Dzib Novelo '24

Jessica Ferrer '21

Veronica Leon '24

Kayla Madayag '22

Jeslyn Nair '21

Jennifer Rios-Rodriguez '21

Isabella Rivera-Gonzalez '21

Karen Rosales '24

Katherine Rosales '21

Amara Sequera '21

Jackeline Sierra '21

Jenny Tan '22

Samantha Yip '22

Sky Zamora '24

Kathleen Zapata '24

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