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  • Ann Cosico

New ASB Officers Speak Their Minds

Updated: May 23, 2019

By Vrenelli Guzman ’21, Brenda Martinez ’21, and Maria Winterstein ’21

A unique attribute of ICA is the structure of student representation. We see this best in ASB, or the Associative Student Body. Every year the students elect four rising seniors to represent the entire school. We interviewed a couple of next year’s officers about their leadership style and hopes for next year.

Chloe David told us,“A leader is a person who has great organizational skills and is able to communicate well with others. Also she is someone who is respectful, kind, and holds a positive attitude. Most importantly, she is someone who speaks her mind and brings many different ideas to the table.”

We asked Chloe what changes she hoped to see next year: “Next year, I want there to be more spirit and hype for our school events (rallies, dances, Fun Fridays). Also, I’d like to improve the sister bond we have here at ICA Cristo Rey. When I was a freshman, these sister lunches made me grow closer with my senior and junior sisters. Although we are a small school, different grades don’t assimilate with each other as much. Sister lunches and more sister activities can bring this back.”

When asked for advice for future ASB candidates, Monique Balbuena said, “Be nice, open, and genuine. Being that way will gain you favor when it comes to voting. My main point that I urge is that candidates should do it for the school, not because it looks good on a college application... Run with the intention to better the community.”

Left to right: ASB Officers Pamela Cabotaje, Monique Balbuena, Corisa Anne Barreras, and Chloe David

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