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One Year of Online Learning

By Alisson Vasquez '24

(Alisson, furthest to the right, with her family.)

It’s funny to think about the fact that this is my first year in high school and I haven’t met some of you, although I have seen some of the teachers once at the open house.

Something that you should know that about me is that I wasn’t excited or scared about the whole thing, about my first day of high school, because this isn’t my first time switching schools, meeting new people, and making new memories, because I have been in about five schools before ICA. Though I do wonder how it would be to experience that feeling.

I like this whole situation of online classes although you might be thinking “Is she serious?” “Is she for real?” “Is she good?” “Does she need help understanding this situation of death?” (with some sassiness in there, please) “I hate it!” “How can she live with this?”

Let me explain myself.

Remember back in the days that we would have to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom? Let’s see if you can remember what the teacher would say. I’ll give a hint: “Why didn’t you go in between periods before the bell rang?” “You can’t go because you just got back from lunch and you could have done that.” Or “You can go after Melissa comes back,” although we all knew that Melissa didn’t go to the “bathroom” and took forever! (Sorry if your name is Melissa, but I had to pick a name.)

And if we had food, we had to ask if we could eat in the classroom and they would usually say “No.” Back then people who you didn’t even talk to or liked came up to you and asked for your food! Remember that?

Even if we were sleepy and tired, we still had to wake up, walk, and socialize with humans at school.

I know there are some cons to this situation too. On the other hand, we can now eat if we are hungry and our sibling(s), friend(s), or family members can now bring us food, so we can eat without even having to share! Now we can go to the bathroom, yet, I know for some teachers we have to let them know, but still you can go whenever you want!

Also, another advantage is that now you can use your phone to connect to classes from wherever you want and no more saying “you can’t use your phone in class.” Also, when you forget about the time, and you are late to your meeting sometimes you can simply say, “Sorry my internet is having some issues,” although some teachers may not believe it’s true, but for some of us, it’s true...

(teachers it’s true, believe us *wink*)...

( No, really teachers, it’s true)

(phew I almost exposed you).

I am going to be honest in this whole time of online learning, I have said that at least once or twice about my internet without even being true just because I was watching Netflix and eating, and forgot about the time.

Now I know some of you are desperate to go back to the buildings because you just can’t stand another day at your house because you have annoying sibling(s), or parents complaining to you that you don’t do “anything” because you are not helping around the house. Or you just want to go back because of friends--gossiping (you know what I mean), having fun with friends, making memories on trips. Or you just want to go back for who knows what reason, maybe because you enjoy school, which sounds a little weird to even have to think about it, but okay, those are your wishes. I know that when we were back on campus, you at least had a hug from that special person to make your day feel better and now we don’t have a hug.

Others are having issues with concentration, temptations, and distractions, therefore, we get lost or confused in the subject. Then we have to email the teacher who sometimes takes forever to answer back or even ask a classmate/friend to help you because you are not understanding.

Some of us don’t even go out of the house because those are parents' restrictions, although I can’t say the same because my mom forces me to go out and be active.

I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to go out with friends, family, and even travel to see loved ones because I have to take advantage of the situation that I can even take classes even in Japan and won’t have to miss a day of learning.

But you want to know the best part of this new situation?

Yes or No?

Remember it is your choice.

Though, before I go on, I would advise you to go for some popcorn and a soda in case you choke on the news I’m about to share with you. Don’t worry I won’t go anywhere while you grab them, I’ll take a sip of my Dr. Pepper.

Okay, now here is the juiciest part about online learning.


There isn’t just one!

You weren’t expecting that, right? “I know what a disappointment!”

Nevertheless, if you are an open-minded person it all depends how you view the situation and decide what you can do with the extra time in your hands now. Remember we only live once, therefore, we have to do something new. Because I don’t want you saying later “I should have done …. When I was young.” Let's be honest, we have to do something different and flip a new page to learn about what we are passionate about now like:

  • Burning the kitchen to find the perfect seasoning for that delicious dish you’ve been working on for months and still haven’t found that flavor.

  • Taking some time to get out of your room to buy colors to create some amazing art.

  • Walking around your block... if your parents don’t let you, I'm sorry :(

  • Learning new things you haven’t practiced before now that you have more time.

My advice is GO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

You get my point now, why should I go on? Now, stop reading the article and go have fun no matter how you do it, but promise me you will come back for more Alisson time. Thank you!


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