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Get to Know the '21-'22 Junior ASB Executive Candidates!

Meet your Junior ASB Executive Candidates for the 2021-2022 school year! Read on to learn what they're all about. Student Council Elections will take place next week, so get ready to cast your votes!

Malak Abib

Why do you want to run for school leadership and what qualities do you possess that would make you an exceptional leader? What kind of legacy would you want to leave the school?

I would like to run for school leadership because I would like to develop more leadership skills. Even though I’ve run as a class officer for the past two years I feel like ill get even more leadership skills. ASB is a role that has lots of responsibilities that come with it and I feel like I am ready to have those responsibilities. Not only do I want to develop more leadership skills but I want to meet new people and make new relationships. Making a relationship with the people you work with is quite important because you can work together to make great projects and feel comfortable together as well. I also feel like you will get to know yourself better for example when you get put in positions when you don’t know what to do you’ll get to know yourself by finding out what you’re going to do if that makes sense. One of the qualities that I possess that would make me an exceptional leader would be that I have been a class officer for the past two years I’ve attended at ICA. Over the last 2 years, I’ve gained the most skills and experience than I’ve ever had which is can be so helpful in many ways not only now but in the future as well. Another quality that I have is teamwork since I’ve been on lots of soccer teams and lots of different dance teams I feel like it’s a strong quality of mine. In all of those teams, I tried to make relationships with everyone although it doesn’t always work its doesn’t hurt to try. I always care about what people think and take their ideas and opinions into consideration. A legacy I would want to leave at ICA would be an impression for everyone to show kindness to others and participate in school activities. Showing kindness in school is a good legacy to leave behind. Acts of kindness can affect others and yourself more possibly than you know. Kindness is something that people will always remember whether it a smile to a hug. Participating in school activities is also good for a couple of reasons one of them being that you get to know people in your school. It also sets a good example for others to start participating than a chain reaction will start.

How do you plan to increase school spirit and participation across the student body next year?

Over the past 2 years that I have been a class officer, I’ve seen that school spirit is a huge contribution to ICA. During in-person school, we had so many fun activities that people would participate in, and even though when covid hit and we all had to quarantine it was still our priority for everyone to have fun, participate, and increase school spirit. To me, that’s a motivation because seeing how we did all that tells me we can definitely do better and better. Since school is going to be in person next year I intend to make as many fun activities as we can. We could come up with a couple then send out a poll for all the students to pick the funnest (apparently funnest isn’t a word but I’ve always used it) and go on from there. Some examples of activities we could do are soccer blow-up ball game, karaoke, or small parkour game something along those lines. Those are only some of the ideas I’ve come up with but I know that over the year ill come up with better ones.

Tiana Marenco

Why do you want to run for school leadership and what qualities do you possess that would make you an exceptional leader? What kind of legacy would you want to leave the school?

I want to run for ASB for the simple fact that I enjoy being at ICA cristo rey, and want to do everything I can to help out my fellow classmates, facility,staff, and teachers. I know that as a class officer I am still able to represent my class and my school in the same way however becoming a part of ASB means that you pick up more responsibilities than a class officer would usually have. Being part of ASB overall means I will be able to help ICA in other ways .

Leadership qualties I possess are being creative, organized, and being able to work with others. Undoubtedly it is very important to be able to work well with others in student council since we are expected to interact with each other on a daily basis to discuss topics such as the school agenda, events, spirit week, much more. Being creative allows me to come up with various ideas for events and bring something new to a discussion. While being organized allows me to face a lot of challenges head on without being overwhelmed with other things, which are all necessary as a leader.

Lastly, I want to leave a legacy at ICA in which people rember me for always lending a helping hand to whomever needs it. I want people to remember that I was always willing to help anyone out to the best of my abilities. I hope that by doing so I will inspire others in the process to do the same for others. Which can create a positive and everlasting enviontment at ICA Cristo Rey.

How do you plan to increase school spirit and participation across the student body next year?

I plan to increase school spirit by motivating other students to attend school events that ICA holds. I plan to do this by making sure that everyone understands that these events are a safe and fun environment to be in. I also believe that with ICA’s multiple social media accounts, monday meetings, and posters can help get the word out about events and increase participation from students. Altogther little by little once students become more comfortable and used to the environment that ICA has, participation will begin to grow as well.

Ada Yu

Why do you want to run for school leadership and what qualities do you possess that would make you an exceptional leader? What kind of legacy would you want to leave the school?

I want to run for school leadership because I want to take on roles that I feel I am skilled in. I believe the school can benefit from my skills, as will I since it can help me better myself in many ways. Having the sense and familiarity of being a leader and taking on responsibilities that I am not familiar with excites me. Helping others and bettering the school to make others feel like they belong is what inspires me to take on the school leadership role. I feel like I am fit for this role because I have felt like I did not belong in ICA. Knowing how that felt, I would not want anyone else to feel that way either. Therefore I must stand up for what I believe in while also conquering my fear of judgment. The things that go unnoticed at ICA are also the things I want to familiarize myself with. I will speak out with actions since I believe that actions speak louder than words. People may say they will do things, but saying it through their actions and immediately fixing the cause is better.

The qualities I possess are taking deeds on with a head-strong mindset. Unless I have no motivation, I believe there is nothing I cannot do. I will be a leader and someone who will be there for others in ways more than academically. Coming up with ideas and turning them into projects is what I believe I am best at. Some other qualities I possess are putting 100% into the things I do. Not working the hardest and giving my best results is what bothers me. If I do not give my best results, I will deal with overthinking, and the constant messages that "I could have done better" or "How come I did not give it my all? “A quality I believe I possess well is the way I can stay calm and work around situations. If something were ever to go wrong, I would remind myself and the people around me to say calm and that there will always be a way to fix things. I am aware that ASB is not only a one-person role that I will have to take on. Working with other people and listening to their concerns or opinions will always be known.

The legacy I want to leave behind is the impression that I fitted into the ASB role. I want to be the person others look up to while also giving them motivation. I want to leave an impression that I was aware and attentive to the pros and cons of ICA. These things are the only things I want to leave behind and my will to encourage others and uplift them. I want them to remember me as the person who was always caring and mindful of others.

I am aware of this immense responsibility, but I feel I can handle it no matter how well or wrong it goes. The memories that come with this responsibility are something that I always want to remember. As I am going into my 3rd year of high school, I am also aware of the other responsibilities. Those responsibilities can include sports, homework, CWSP, and many other things. I will continually improve and better myself in ways that I am not aware of yet. Overall, this role will fit me well because of my hard-working, communicative, well-rounded personality.

How do you plan to increase school spirit and participation across the student body next year?

I will increase school spirit by listening to other people's interests. There can be surveys made for the school asking what their interests are, allowing ASB to be aware of them. Many people in our school can be pretty competitive, especially when a prize is on the line. We can allow prizes like a free dress, letting them go to lunch first, or spirit points. Prizes can lead to students being more engaged and having more participants. As I am well aware of the trends that the class of 2023 participates in, I can include them in our events or games held at ICA. I will also ask others in my class what their interests are individually and noting them down mentally. I will make sure that others are also comfortable with the idea before continuing it, as there might not be interest or involvement if there is a sense of unfamiliarity.

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