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Fall Sports Kick Off

By Angelica Aquino '22, Angelica Buncio '22, and Jasmine DeVera '22

This fall season offers a variety of sports at ICA: cross country, volley-

ball, and golf. These Spartan athletes have learned what it truly means to work hard and to be a part of a team. We asked several players questions about their goals for the season and more.

“I’ve played volleyball for eight years,” said senior varsity volleyball

player Kaelah Tarifa Mateo. “My goal for this season is to improve my

hitting, as well as setting. My favorite aspect of volleyball is spending

time with my team. I’m excited to get to know some of the new players

this season and to win!"

The varsity volleyball team on a bonding trip in the Presidio
The varsity volleyball team on a bonding trip in the Presidio

Sophomore JV volleyball player Adelaine Remo has been playing volleyball for six years now. She said, “I want to be able to help make this team stronger and teach the frosh something new before the season ends. My favorite aspect of volleyball is the feeling I get as a hitter.” Being able to successfully hit the ball over gives her a feeling of rush and excitement. She went on to say, “I’m really excited to develop my skills

and to be able to show them off on court!”

“My goal for this season is to keep a steady pace throughout each

meet,” said Tamara Harris, a sophomore who has been doing cross

country for the past two years. “My favorite aspect of cross country is

when I get to help my teammates and cheer them on. I’m excited to run

at the meets and create new and fun memories with the team!”

“I have been playing golf for three years now, since freshman year,”

said junior Mariah Esquivel, who is excited to improve her skills and

teach herself how to be more patient, which is a key component of golf.

“My goal for this season is to be consistent with my strokes.” She wants

to be able to finish a hole within four strokes. She continued with, “My

favorite aspect of golf is when I first hit the ball off the tee and I make it

perfectly close to the green.”

This year’s fall sports teams are filled with promising athletes. May all

our Sisters learn, grow, and win together! Go Spartans!


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