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Australian Fires Fast Facts

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Editor's Note: This article was written during the direct aftermath of the fires.

By Katherine Rosales '21, Janelle Chua '21, and Amara Sequera '21

How long have these fires been going on?

  • June 2019 – ongoing

How much ground have they covered?

  • 17 million acres of land (in all)

What does that look like?

  • About 17,640 Golden Gate Parks

What measures are being taken to fight these fires? By who? How successful have they been?

  • Firefighters are doing the best they can but there is a lot of land to cover

  • Fires are slowly dying down but the aftermath with water used is causing floods

  • Non-profits and celebrities are raising money for resources and relief organizations

  • The weather, like rain can help

Impacts and Possible Causes.

  • Fires started from a drought

  • There have been at least 26 lives lost

  • Has destroyed an estimate of 2,000 homes

  • Many families had to evacuate

  • Many animals are affected by the fires

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