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Four Tips to Boost Your Creativity in Quarantine

By Leah Martinez '22

1. Keep a Notebook for Your Ideas

(Photo: IP Watch Dog)

A handy tool for any creative project is a notebook or sketchbook so you can keep all your ideas in one place. Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting an idea and instantly regretting that you didn’t write it down, but a notebook helps prevent this! You also have a designated space to experiment and organize your thoughts as well as having a variety to choose from when starting a new project.

2. Make Inspiration Boards

(Photo: 99 Designs)

Inspiration boards are a fun way to collect a bunch of your favorite photos and get an idea of what style, colors, or aesthetic you want your work to have. You can create them digitally or make collages and include photos of quotes, fonts, fabrics, and patterns. If you find yourself in a creative rut and do not really have a plan, inspiration boards can spark your imagination and give you a way to play around with different ideas.

3. Rearrange Your Workspace

(Photo: Moon to Moon)

I know this sounds like a chore more than a tip, but hear me out! Having a clean and organized workspace is one of the most satisfying things ever, so why not tidy up a bit before you start a creative project so you have a fresh start? I like to spruce up my workspace by putting art on my walls. I have paintings, postcards, prints, and stickers, and it’s like having a giant inspiration board in my room. Add some of your favorite things to your workspaces like figurines, photos, plants, and really anything else that makes you happy so you can get a new perspective and inspiration.

4. Collaborate with Others

(Photo: Eastern Kentucky University)

While nowadays working in-person with others is not entirely possible just yet, you can still create with your friends and family over a Zoom call. Starting a new project or hobby can be intimidating but teaming up with friends can make the process so much easier and enjoyable. You can bounce ideas off one another, share different techniques and learn from each other. Here are just a few activities you could do with friends or family: have a cake decorating night, learn a new dance together, make an abstract painting, create your own characters, or write lyrics for a song.

During quarantine, life has become very mundane and staying creative throughout these uncertain times can be difficult. Inspiration is also challenging to find as most of us do the same tasks and routine every day. To combat the monotony of quarantine, why not try something new, and give these tips a try to bring more creativity, and hopefully some much-needed positivity into your life? I hope these tips will help you find a new interest or passion and I hope you keep creating!


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